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  公司注重品牌意识,强化品牌管理,以 “林频”品牌叫响市场,成绩斐然。随着生产规模不断扩大,产品种类日益增多,产品技术不断完善升级,公司现拥有多项产品技术发明专利,并自主研发出多款产品的操作编程软件,综合实力和赢利能力位居同行前列。公司为全面实施“想客户所想,急客户所急”的阳光服务理念,特在全国主要中心城市北京、沈阳、深圳、武汉、厦门、郑州、山西、青岛等设有分公司或办事处。 

  辉煌属于历史,未来属于开拓者。坚持品牌发展战略,保持公司核心竞争力,林频人将继续以坚持 “一流的技术产品,一流的服务态度”为广大客户排忧解难。林频仪器将傲立于世界仪器之林,捷报频传,与您共享现代科技的尊荣感!

我司专业生产产品有:盐雾试验箱/ 高低温试验箱/ 恒温恒湿试验箱/ 高温试验箱/ 低温试验箱/ 高低温交变湿热试验箱/  精密干燥箱/ 真空烘箱/ 温度冲击试验箱/ 药品稳定试验箱/ 臭氧老化试验箱/ 紫外耐候试验箱/ 氙灯耐气候试验箱/ 换气式老化试验箱/ 砂尘试验箱/ 箱式淋雨试验箱/  摆管淋雨试验装置/ 滴水试验装置/ 二氧化硫试验箱/ 霉菌试验箱/  防锈油脂湿热试验箱/ 盐雾试验室/ 大型步入式试验箱/ 温度老化试验室/ 温湿度振动试验箱/ 温度快速变化试验箱/ 单翼跌落试验机/ 振动试验台同时我厂还可以根据客户需要设计非标产品,欢迎广大新老客户前来公司洽谈、指导!

我公司诚征各地代理商,欢迎各地人士来电咨询!全国免费服务热线:400 880 2959

厂区一角 板金车间 调试车间

Located in the Minhang Economic & Technological Development Zone, one of China Shanghai municipal science & technology industry bases, Shanghai Linpin Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech joint stock corporation specialized in the R&D, production and sale of environmental test equipment. At present, our company has developed into one of the leading companies in the environmental test equipment field around the country.

We have the domestically first-class production equipment and largest sample device exhibition hall. The advanced anti-static plastic spraying workshop and multistation numerically controlled punch, bending machine, plate sheering machine, lathe, etc allow the processes of the products manufactured to be more consummate. A continuous stream of customers have visited our factory and placed orders with us. As an enterprise responsible for society, environment and safety, we have taken the lead in establishing ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and GB/T28001-2001 systems. We adhere to the operation principles of “survive with quality, develop with quality, fair price and considerate service”. We are based in Shanghai, serve the whole country and radiate around the world.

We emphasize the brand awareness and strengthen the brand management; we become well known in the market depending on “Linpin” brand and have achieved a lot. With the continuously expanding production scale, our product varieties also increase, the product technologies are increasingly perfect and upgraded. At present, we have many product invention patent and independently developed operational programming software for many products; our comprehensive strength and profit-making capacity rank top in the industry. In order to comprehensively implement the Sunshine service concept of “think of what our customers think of, concerned about what our customers are concerned about”, we have especially established branches or offices in such key provinces and cities as Beijing, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Shanxi, Qingdao.

Splendor has become history and the future is for pioneers. We adhere to the brand development strategy and maintain the corporate core competitiveness; Linpin people will continue to adhere to “top-class technology and products, best service attitude” to solve problems for our customers. Shanghai Linpin Equipment Co.,Ltd. will stand proudly among the global like equipment companies, report fresh successes and share the sense of respect and honor brought by the modern science and technology with you!


We offer such professional products: salt spray test chamber, sulfur dioxide test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, temperature shock test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, high and low temperature alternating temperature humidity test chamber, UV weather resistance test chamber, xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber, air ventilation climatic test chamber, sand and dust test chamber, box rain test chamber, pipe rain test device, drip box, ozone climatic test chamber, mould test chamber, precise drying test chamber, vacuum oven, large step-into test chamber, medicine stability test chamber and vibrating table. In addition, we also design non-standard products as per the demand of customers. Welcome to talk business with us and give your precious advice!

We are recruiting agents everywhere. If interested, please call us on our national free line:400 880 2959.